Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Backyard Resort

After spending 6 years kicking around ideas for the other half of our backyard, we finally decided to go with a plan and get it landscaped. Although I'm capable of doing the 'heavy lifting' required, we decided to hire a local landscaping guy to do the bulk of the work for us. Here is part of the finished result:

our newly landscaped backyard is now a mini-resort.

Fine stone, real grass, curbing, and a planter assembled using retaining wall block summarize the work done. We had extra flagstone block left over so we made a pedestal for our firepit.

Gone is the 'corner of death' where nothing grew and we stored our extra landscaping material. Gone are the honeysuckle vines that overgrew the side fence. The yard is now fully finished, neat and clean. It is a peaceful and tranquil place to sit. It is more conducive for sitting near the fire. The canopy has been equipped with new lighting and sound system. It's a real enjoyable place to be.

Stepping out into our backyard transports us to a mountain resort.


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