Monday, September 1, 2008

A Special Birthday Treat

Zuppa di Pesci aka 'the fishtank'

As I get older, I am appreciating the simpler things in life more than I used to. A nice cup of espresso after dinner. A piece of crusty Italian bread. A flavor-filled dish of Spumoni ice cream. Although my pre-birthday meal was not so simple, I definitely appreciated it.

Eva made an Italian dish that has been a rare treat for our family. Zuppa di Pesce (pronounced: ZOOpadeePESH) is a dish of linguini and gravy (tomato sauce for those outside of Brooklyn) full of clams, mussels, crab, shrimp, calamari, scallops, and lobster. My Dad, brother, and I affectionately refer to it simply as "the fishtank".

The first time that Eva made Zuppa di Pesce was back in Feb when my parents came out to visit. Even though she had never made it before, it turned out to be the best that we had ever had. Over the years my Dad and I have sought out Zuppa di Pesce in every Italian restaurant that offered it on the menu... so we know what we're talking about.

Zuppa di Pesce is a great consolation prize for turning 46!


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