Here is our 5th grade picture.  Yes, that is Eva and I 35 years ago!

A childhood friend of ours organized a reunion of sorts for our elementary school classmates. A dozen or so got together in June. Unfortunately we were unable to attend. But we did receive some photos of the event. Included in those pics were some class pictures.

Here is our 5th grade class in 1973. Yes, that is Eva and I. That was 35 years ago! It is hard to wrap one's mind around 35 years. Thinking about all that has happened and we've done in just the last one year is an eye opener. Literally a lifetime had passed between our Jr. High graduation and when Eva and I reunited. By the 5th grade, Eva and I had already known each other for 2 years.

Since our class remained intact for 4 formative years in elementary school, many of our classmates left lasting impressions. This class picture triggered a ton of memories. All of them good. And although I already have a great appreciation for Eva, thinking about what we've both individually gone through to get to where we are now gives me an even greater appreciation for her (if that is possible).

Sometimes you meet the love-of-your-life at a very early age.


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