Wednesday, May 28, 2008

WillysJeepMan Origins

WillysJeepMan at 4 yrs old

Some people wonder where the nickname "WillysJeepMan" came from, why I changed from "sracer" (Speed Racer). As you can see by this photo taken in 1966, I did indeed look like Speed. I was even sporting a black racing jacket that my grandfather hand-tailored for me complete with nifty Bobcat emblem. (He had just made his own racing suit for Kart racing and had some material left over)

That grey early-50's Willys Wagon was my grandfather's only vehicle for nearly 20 years. I've spent many hours riding in that jeep. Weekend trips upstate (when we were living in NYC)... the occasional unexpected pitstops to make a roadside repair... trips towing the go-kart trailer to Blitz Karting Stadium on Long Island... Willys Wagons, and that one in particular were my grandfather's trademark.

So it was only natural that when I purchased a Jeep Patriot last year, that I would pick up the mantle of "the jeep man". Every time I get behind the wheel, I have a split-second flashback to a patient, fun, and loving grandfather spending time with his 4 yr old grandson.


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