Sunday, December 2, 2007

Daddy's Little Girls

It's that time of year again. The days after Thanksgiving are usually when I scavenge up my Christmas music and photos. As I was gathering some pictures, I ran across a few photos from a family trip to Florida about 12 years ago. These pictures were taken with an 110 camera and then scanned in using an ancient scanner. Hardly the hi-res megapixel images found on today's digital cameras, but the memories they represent are just as vivid.

Vacation photos

There's just something special about daughters. When they're infants they're all dressed up in frilly pink outfits. Even when they are being rambunctious, they look so sweet. A daughter's smile can melt the heart of a dad. I'm so thankful that I have daughters.

These pictures were taken in 1995. Even back then Nicole exhibited a flare for the dramatic. Camille, the older, responsible, and mature one. She absolutely loved "I Love Lucy" and was a big fan of Lucille Ball. Having her picture taken at a replica of Lucy's star on the walk of fame was a unique experience for her.

I love all of my kids equally but in different ways. And although it feels like a lifetime since those photos were taken, they will forever be.... Daddy's little girls.


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