Friday, February 2, 2007

To Know Him is to Love Him

(Jan 2007 - July 2007)

Our ability to worship God is limited by our knowledge of Him.

That is the basic premise of this series of studies. The goal of this study is to increase the depth of our worship of the Lord. To do that, we need to have a greater understanding of who God is. Each session we will examine another attribute of God. The next phase of the study will be to explore how people in Biblical times worshipped God, and how we, as modern-day believers can worship the Lord.

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Week 1 - Introduction (pdf)
Week 1 - Holiness (pdf)
Week 2 - Righteousness (pdf)
Week 3 - Faithfulness (pdf)
Week 4 - Storms: Canvas of His Faithfulness (pdf)
Week 5 - Mercy (pdf)
Week 6 - Patience (pdf)
Week 7 - Omnipotence (pdf)
Week 8 - Omnipresence (pdf)
Week 9 - Omniscience (pdf)
Week 10 - Eternalness (pdf)
Week 11 - Love (pdf)
Week 12 - Conclusion (pdf)


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