Saturday, February 3, 2007

In The Beginning

(Aug 2007 - Dec 2007)

A Biblical Foundation for the Narrative of Creation.

In the beginning God created. And through the direction of His Holy Spirit, He revealed part of the process to us. In man's desire to fully explain things, he has injected his own intellect and logic into the narrative of Creation. In this Bible Study series we will study the Biblical account of creation verse by verse, and word by word if necessary. We will lay aside our own preconceived ideas and long-held personal beliefs and simply examine what God's Word says. By differentiating between man's notions and God's Word we should have greater confidence in explaining the Bible account of creation as it is written.

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Week 1 - Introduction (pdf)
Week 1 - First Day (pdf)
Week 2 - Second Day (pdf)
Week 3 - Third Day (pdf)
Week 4 - Fourth Day (pdf)
Week 5 - Fifth Day (pdf)
Week 6 - Sixth Day (pdf)
Week 7 - Seventh Day (pdf)


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