Monday, December 28, 2015

Life Has a Lot of Moving Parts

As I was responding to an email this morning, I looked at the URL in my signature that points to this blog and thought it was time to review it and freshen it up. That was when I noticed that it had been over a year since the last time I posted. Wow.

I took that time to reflect on what life has been like since then. I realized that life is busier than ever and has a lot of "moving parts".

Jeremy and Jennifer were married and Eva and I helped them launch into married life.

Elizabeth completed her Associate's degree and transferred to Corban University in Salem Oregon. We took some time to help her get launched.

Eva had surgeries on her thyroid and shoulder, each of which required time for recovery and recuperation.

I've had a busy and challenging year at the college. Every week since Oct 1 2014 I've spent nearly every day in sermon preparation. Each Sunday since then I've delivered those sermons (a total of 64 consecutive weeks and counting).

This isn't intended to sound as a boast, but if it is taken that way please view it as a boast in Christ. The Lord has perfectly protected and provided for all of our needs during this time. It is by His grace alone that all of the "moving parts" of life have been held together and kept in motion. Every morning I'm painfully aware that if He were to lift His hand off this deal, then the parts would go flying in all directions.

As I look forward to 2016, it seems like it will be more challenging than 2015. A new start time for our Sunday Bible study (10:30am from the previous 11am), a 3-part seminar on Bible prophecy in January, projects around the house that were postponed in 2015 that will need to be done in 2016, relationships with extended family and friends that have been neglected need to be given attention... and the list goes on.

I want to encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ that if He has called you to a work, He will also equip you, and sustain you. It is in those situations where His presence is undeniable.