It's been a little over a year since the last time that I had the opportunity to share God's Word with the congregation during weekend service. A lot has happened since then, and the message this time was particularly relevant and timely. It was my prayer all week long that the message would be solidly on the truth of God's word and that His people's hearts would be ready to receive it. From all indications, it appears that those prayers were answered.

One side effect of teaching on the storms found in Scripture is this belief by some that I have the "inside track" in identifying the type of storm and what the correct response should be. I'm being viewed as some "spiritual meteorologist". This opinion is far, far from the truth. I can barely identify my own storms and only after much prayer can I determine my response... and sometimes not be comfortable that the response that I've chosen is the proper one.

So I will be meeting with some dear brothers and sisters who say they want to properly embrace the storm they are experiencing. I will share with them the truth... that God has already completely equipped them with all that they will need to identify their storms and how to respond. I'll offer some practical suggestions on how to do that, but they need to know that God's Word when applied correctly (and a heart that is yielded to what the Spirit is doing) is all that they need.


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