Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Joining the Blogosphere

Boy how time flies. I've had a website on the internet for over 14 years. Different layouts. Different content. Always manually coded html, javascript, and css. I never found an automation tool that generated html to my satisfaction. But as I get older I would rather direct my precious free time to content on my site rather than on how it looks.

So I took a few hours to find a blogger template that was close to what I wanted and tweaked it and hacked it closer to my liking. This is the results. It isn't perfect. It isn't finished. But it is close enough to be pleasingly functional. I'm sure that I'll continue to tweak it over time.

My hope is to be able to spend more time sharing thoughts and engaging in discussions and less on the mechanics of maintaining a site. I have a few more books to write in the pipeline, a podcast to produce, among other things.



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