Monday, January 28, 2008

Goodbye 360... Hello PS3!

Busted XBox

Yes, hard to believe it, but I have traded in my "launch day" XBox360 for a brand new 80GB model Playstation 3. Owning an XBox360 has been a mixed experience. On the one hand, I enjoyed playing games like: Project Gotham Racing 3, Amped 3 (snowboarding), Viva Pinata, numerous arcade games, and most of all the Zombiefest known as Dead Rising.

But with that fun came a lot of aggravation. RROD aside, for over 3 weeks, XBox Live outages prevented me from playing offline games that I bought, Arcade games that I purchased, and even caused the 360 from fully booting as it attempted to connect to the Marketplace. Enough was enough. So I packed up the 360, games, and accessories and carted them down to GameStop. I traded the whole kit and kaboodle towards the purchase of a PS3.

The PS3 is an amazing console. It feels like a solid, well-made device. As a DVD player, it upscales them better than my best standalone DVD player. Blu-Ray movies look awesome. The PS3 console menu and online store offer quite a bit of capabilities. Multimedia support is outstanding... playing DivX and WMV videos, mp3 music, display photos, etc.


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